New Adventure Park in Tallinn Zoo in opened!

New Adventure Park  in Tallinn Zoo is opened! The atmosphere of the Zoo, exotic voices, old mossy trees and interesting relief make it an adventure park with a difference. In addition to usual adventure paths the Zoo Adventure Park offers a special Discovery Path with quizzes and thrilling facts about the Zoo inhabitants. You can find the same animals using the map and watch them after the end of adventure. There are two specialized adventure parks for 2-7-year-old children. The paths are at the height of about 70 cm from the ground and adults can walk near the path and help the child if necessary. You can buy the united ticket at any of the two Tallinn Zoo gates and visit both the Zoo and the Adventure Park. If you don't wish to make the decision at the Zoo gate, it is possible to purchase the Adventure Park ticket later in the Adventure Park on site. See you in the Zoo Adventure Park!